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          First, management responsibilities

          1. Xuzhou Ant Intelligence Agricultural Equipment Machinery Co., Ltd. according to the production, installation, service needs, the establishment of the organization, the provisions of the functions of the various agencies and related personnel responsibilities and mutual relations.
          2. authority authority
          (1) The general manager develops a work plan, promulgates quality documents and supervises the implementation, and is responsible for major decisions, product quality and quality of service.
          (2) managers in the command of production in the implementation of the quality of documents, so that the product is in a controlled state, responsible for organizing production, planning, product quality inspection.

          (3) QC is responsible for product testing and testing, the implementation of quality system documents, product checks, records, reports, have the right to deal with substandard products, scrapped, rework, rework and so on.

          Second, design control

          1. The technical department is the design quality management department, responsible for the whole process of product design control, the design of various activities to provide quality requirements, responsibilities, content and progress, the task assigned to a certain qualifications and ability to complete the staff.
          2. design task book
          On the basis of full understanding of the contract and technical agreement, the technical department carefully drafted the design task book, in the task to determine the performance requirements, functional requirements, illustrative requirements.
          3. Design steps
          Put forward to meet the design requirements;
          Provide acceptance criteria;
          Mark design features related to product safety;
          initial design;
          Drawing design.

          Third, the procurement

          1. The material supply department evaluates all subcontractors according to the quality requirements of the products purchased. The subcontractors are qualified and qualified. The subcontractors shall conduct a quality assurance capability, technology, technology, site, reputation and after-sales service. The
          2. Outsourcing, external contract delivery, the procurement staff carefully proof of the name, quantity, specifications, grades and logo, make a record.

          Fourth, the control of key processes

          1. Set up a key process control point according to the quality plan and set up a control point according to the contract technical agreement.
          2. Special process control
          (1) welding materials meet the standards and the relevant technical documents, there are welding materials inspection certificate and quality certificate, if necessary, physical tests.
          (2) welder after passing the examination and obtain a qualification certificate before induction.
          (3) process control
          Process staff to prepare the process card, according to the standard test and make a record, if necessary, increase the frequency of inspection.

          Fifth, inspection and testing

          The QC is the inspection and testing department.
          1. first check
          2. semi-finished product inspection
          In the production process, the inspectors take the initiative to check the semi-finished products, found that substandard goods, according to the provisions of treatment.
          3. When the finished product is inspected, check the following items as required
          external assessment
          Precision detection
          Performance testing
          Other contract provisions of the project testing
          4. Finished product test
          Finished by the assembly test before the performance test
          The test personnel are carried out according to the test outline
          Issued a test report

          Six, the issuance of product certification
          1. The final inspection and testing to meet the requirements, before issuing a certificate.
          2. Full-time inspection of the leadership by the outline of the audit and proofreading inspection records issued after the certificate.

          Seven, service
          1. technical service
          Before installation and commissioning of the product, the designer will explain the technical requirements to the service personnel and ensure the quality of the installation and commissioning.
          2. Service personnel to the scene to guide the debugging, to introduce the product performance, structure and maintenance knowledge.
          3. Products after-sales "Three Guarantees" service, failure in the warranty period, immediately send a full-time staff to the site to be repaired, if necessary, to be replaced.
          4. Technical advice
          Service personnel to reach the scene to answer the user's detailed advice; timely to provide users with the use of information; understand the equipment on-site operation, make a record, and make improvements.

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