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          Technical requirements for dump truck safety
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          1. Vehicle damage caused by vehicle lack of regular inspection and maintenance.

          2. The driver did not train the illegal driving, causing vehicle damage accident.

          3. drivers drunk driving illegal driving, causing vehicle damage accident.

          Safety requirements

          1. Dump truck before use, must go through the equipment and safety management department acceptance, confirmed to meet the requirements, to obtain quasi-license before use.

          2. The driver must undergo a safety training, permit holders, is strictly prohibited without a license or drunk driving. It is forbidden to travel or carry a carriage.

          3. Before the vehicle is launched, place the shift lever in the zero position and tighten the hand brake.

          4. After the vehicle is launched, you should first check the various instruments, the direction of institutions, braking devices, lighting, etc., must ensure that sensitive and reliable, before the whistle from the car.

          5. Rain, snow, fog weather, the maximum speed of the car should not exceed 25Km / h, turn, to prevent the vehicle sliding.

          6. Discharge should not be driving, you should first stop the car, and then lift the lock mechanism handle for discharge, prohibit the brake at the same time dumping unloading, to avoid inertia shift accident. When the ramp is unloaded, tighten the brakes.

          7. Reversing and stopping are not allowed to approach the edge of the pit (groove) to prevent soiled soft vehicles from overturning.

          8. Maintenance or class brush must be extinguished and pull the hand brake. If the driver to leave the cab, the car should be opened to a safe location, the car stopped after the trip before leaving.

          9. Dump truck should be regularly inspected and maintained.

          10. Before the vehicle is launched, it is necessary to check whether the parts are normal.

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